Week 1

Week one covers three essential practices for both tai chi and mindfulness: Qigong, Walking, and Diagrammatic Breathing. All tai chi is built on the building blocks of 8 upper body movements combined with 5 stepping patterns. All these upper body techniques are taught separately as qigong first. The first technique, called Gathering the Essence, is taught in Session 1. In Session 2, you learn about deep breathing. Finally, Session 3 teaches how to add walking to your first tai chi movement. If you want to deepen your practice or learn more, visit related videos and download the supplemental exercises below.

Session 1: Gathering the Essence

The first tai chi movement of Solace covers what is traditionally called "ward-off". Gathering the Essence teaches how to move outward and away from the body’s center. This is critical for any reaching, pulling or deflecting action because it provides a baseline for how much one can move out and away from oneself and not become off balanced.

session 2: the mindful Breath

Diaphragmatic breathing a core practice for tai chi and mindfulness. The Mindful Breath provides guidance/recommendations for practicing deep, diaphragmatic breathing.

Session 3: gathering the essence with walking

Learn how to combine a forward stepping pattern with the Gathering the Essence movement. Provides tips on how to add walking to future movements.

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