Books and academic articles referenced while producing Solace.



Harvard Medical School Guide to tai chi

A comprehensive review and explanation of tai chi and its health benefits.


the power of internal martial arts

Part autobiography, part travel log, part encyclopedia, part how-to, B.K. Frantzis was lucky enough to meet and train with some of the best masters of the last generation before they died. Provides a good context of tai chi in the Chinese cultural tapestry.


the tao of tai-chi chuan: way to rejuvenation

Jou Tsung Hwa was a vanguard for tai chi. He founded the Tai Chi Farm and did much to popularize tai chi in the West. The writing in this book is dense, but worth the effort.


the tao of meditation: way to enlightenment

In his second book on the list, Jou Tsung Hwa offers guidance on how to meditation according to tai chi masters.


the way of energy

One of my favorite guides on Standing practices. It’s simple and easy to understand. Since posture and standing is a core part of tai chi and qigong work, this book is one of my most recommended to beginning tai chi students.



tai chi classics

All tai chi styles are based on a set of principles. This is why they can outwardly vary greatly between systems, but still be considered “tai chi”.


tai chi chuan

Yang Jwing Ming is a standard in the tai chi community. He was an early educator on tai chi and is known for his dedication for publishing books and videos teaching tai chi, qigong, and various related arts. In fact, I think it is written somewhere that you are not a tai chi student if you do not have one of his books. To keep from losing new readers on concepts, he has a tendency to repeat information between books. I recommend just his books/videos on tai chi and qigong and let your interests guide you from there.


a study of taijiquan by sun lutang

A translation of the 1919 classic with reproduced pictures of the author, originator, and master Sun Lutang. Though Tim Cartmell does a fantastic job translating the material, I recommend this book for the biography of Sun Lutang as a demonstration of what it took to become a competent tai chi practitioner. In fact, it is the story that got me interested in tai chi.


scholarly Articles